Cash-flow Protection

Raise the bar in financial ‘situational awareness’ . A second pair of eyes helps.

Tax Planning

Learn how to grow your money and pass it to your children without the CRA being in your back pocket.

Investment Strategies

Grow your wealth like a pro with life insurance, SEG funds, IRPs & more.

Segregated funds vs. other investments.

Segregated funds offer certain advantages that are not available through other investments. Assumption Life offers a guaranteed payout of 75% of original deposits upon maturity, as well as a 100% death benefit. With segregated funds, all funds payable are also distributed directly to your designated beneficiaries and do not become part of your estate, which may potentially avoid any applicable probate fees upon your death. Through segregated funds, your loved ones will receive money quickly, privately, and cost-efficiently.

Even Jim Pattison agrees

Our financial methods will help your cashflow, retirement and succession plan become a reality.


80% of business owners don’t have a retirement plan

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Whether it’s putting away a few hundred dollars a month or purchasing life insurance, anyone can start a plan.

Sometime’s we simply fall off the path for seeing our financial future. We think we’re in a busy world full of obstacles. Until we make a plan.

Our goal is simply peace-of-mind. We are happy seeing people understand their financial potential. Plan today before tomorrow arrives too soon.

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